Alnacare De-Pigmentation Cream Evens out Skin tone, Lightens dark spots 50gm

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Alnacare DE-PIGMENTATION CREAM is made with natural herbs, that help you remove pigmentation, blemish, Reduction of Melanin, and Age Marks.


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Alnacare DEPIGMENTATION CREAM is made with natural herbs, that help you remove pigmentation, blemish, Reduction of Melanin, and Age Marks.


  • Melanin is the substance that causes pigmentation (natural coloring) of your skin. Designed for pigmentation, blemish, Reduction of Melanin, and Age Marks
  • Hydroquinone or mono benzyl ether of hydroquinone, stop melanocytes (pigmenting cells) in your skin from making melanin
  • If you wish for skin that has a flawless and illuminating glow
  • Alna de-pigmentation cream 50gm 100% ayurvedic, natural and organic
  • For depigmentation and skin whitening, an ayurvedic creation made with pure organic extracts are used to treat areas of skin that are hyperpigmented (darkly colored)


  • Rubia cordifolia / Manjistha 2%
  • Glycynhiza glabra Mulethi 3%
  • Pyrus malus / Seb 3%
  • Cocos nucifera / Narikela 3%
  • Carica papaya / Papita 3%
  • Vitis vinifera / Draksa 3%
  • Daucus carota / Gaiar 2%
  • Camellia sinensis / Green tea 1%

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1 review for Alnacare De-Pigmentation Cream Evens out Skin tone, Lightens dark spots 50gm

  1. Sam Alexander

    Excellent cream… It gave de pigmentation of sun burns results within 15 days.

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